Settling the Abortion Debate

When I started this blog back in November, I did indeed promise controversy, so I’m not gonna shy away from tough topics like this per se. I’m not going to give you a simple “yes” or “no”, I’m going to thoroughly explain my opinion (or the truth) and why I came to this conclusion. So... Continue Reading →

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Lukewarm Christians?

"You're lukewarm!""See, he's lukewarm! He's not going to heaven!"The lukewarm is strong in here""This video ain't it, it's giving lukewarm energy!" Sounds familiar, right? I bet you've heard all of those before. Many Christians are quick to judge each other unfairly, it's what we do best! Many of us are speedy to call each other... Continue Reading →

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I’m Sick and Tired of Prosperity Theology

This website is about to get much more controversial, so buckle up! Prosperity theology, also known as "Prosperity Gospel" or the "Health and Wealth Gospel" is a controversial subject within the Church. It's also known as the "Word of Faith" movement, because the teachers within this movement adhere to prosperity theology. TABLE OF CONTENTS What... Continue Reading →

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Spread The Gospel in These 10 Verses!

Preaching the Gospel and evangelizing the Good News of Jesus Christ is a task assigned to every Christian (Matthew 28:19). But some people struggle with. Not everyone is a talented and gifted evangelist. Not everyone is called to make a lifestyle out of preaching. However, that shouldn't stop you from super-simple Gospel spreading. We need... Continue Reading →

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Investigating Universalism

Ah yes, the doctrine of Universalism. Also known as Universal Reconciliation, Universal Salvation, and Ultimate Reconciliation. I’ve been seeing this topic discussed quite a bit on Reddit, they even have a sub called r/ChristianUniversalism, with 3100 people being led astray. As you can tell; I am not in favor of this doctrine, and today I’ll... Continue Reading →

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Putting God First

It's something that's expected of Christians. It's actually a command. We hear it all the time. "Put God first!" But what does that mean? I've been walking with God for 8 months, and I struggle with this too. But today's post hopefully will enlighten you and teach you something. What Does it Mean? Here are... Continue Reading →

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